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About Us


My name is Sandra Lucas, and welcome to The Growing Years. Who knew when I started to work at a consignment store in college, I would still be here  23 years later! It was such a great experience working here during my winter and summer vacations, that when I graduated, the move to a full-time position was a  natural fit. With  encouragement from family and friends, I bought The Growing Years in 1998.



This was exciting for me as I have grown up in Kensington and really loved this area and knew this is where I wanted to start my family. Having three children myself, I know how expensive it can be to buy maternity and children’s clothes (and especially the name brands that are so sought after!). This is why I love doing what I do - I know I'm helping out hard working parents, like myself, by bringing in brands at prices you will enjoy, and clothes you and your kids will want to wear! People ask me all the time “what is your favorite part of working at the store?” That’s easy…. It’s the customers! Seeing my customers, who have now become my friends and watching their children grow throughout The Growing Years keep me smiling.