Spring Appointments – The Growing Years
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Spring Appointments


 Appointments for spring/summer are now available. Please read guidelines and make an appointment below.

Please read carefully before making your appointment. 

  • Please thoroughly go through what you are bringing in and  keep items under the 40 item limit. We are trying to accommodate as many customers as possible.

  • Please do not make more than 2 appointments per season. Again, we are trying to accommodate as many customers as possible

  • If you have 10 items or less, please call/email before just walking in to see if we can take them in without an appointment. The more people that walk in, the more behind we get on processing appointments. 

Tips for going through your items before your appointment:

  • Hold clothes up to the light to look for stains
  • Make sure clothes are not inside out
  • Fold clothes neatly or lay them flat in a bin
  • Do your best not to bring anything with a stain, a hole, or a missing button -- even if it is high end -- they will just be returned to you
  • Snap/Button up everything

These may sound silly but these few things you can do at home will make the process much easier for us.