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1.       The Growing Years, Inc. (“TGY”) accepts consignments by appointment only.  TGY reserves the right to reject all items offered for consignment for any reason whatsoever.

2.       If a stain, rip, or missing button is later discovered after already having been accepted, or once on the selling floor, the item will be donated.

3.       If an item is found on the Consumer Product Safety Recall list you will be notified to pick up the item.

4.       TGY requests that consignors give at least 48 hours notice if an appointment must be canceled.  If TGY is not given enough notice we may be unable to reschedule your appointment.

5.       Prices for consigned items will be solely determined by TGY in its professional discretion and experience.  TGY will pay the consignor 40% of the selling price of each item.

A minimal processing fee is added to the selling price of most items and is paid by the buyer, not by you the consignor. Your earnings are paid on the net selling price. Remember, we sort, select, price, tag, hang, store, put out,  merchandise, sell, ship (if ordered online), and handle customer follow-up for all your items.

7.       All consigned items have 60 days to sell.  After an item remains on the selling floor for 45 days, it will be reduced to half price.  The consignor may come to pick up any unsold items one week prior to their 60 day mark. After 60 days, the item becomes the property of TGY.

8.       Due to fluctuations in inventory and the nature of the consignment business, TGY cannot predict when items accepted for consignment will be placed on the selling floor.  TGY will make every effort to place all items for sale in a reasonably prompt manner.

9.       TGY is not responsible, and shall not be held liable, for the loss or damage of any item accepted for consignment, whether caused by theft, fire, water, or otherwise.  Consignors consign all items with TGY at their own risk. 

10.       All items are sold “as is.”  TGY is not responsible, and shall not be held liable, for any defects or product liability claims relating to any item sold.

11.   Consignors may request consignment checks during store hours. TGY does not issue consignment checks during the months of January and July. Checks are not mailed out, unless the consignor is moving out of the area. TGY will not issue a check to a consignor for more than $300 each month.  If you have additional money in your account, you may pick it up in the following months or use it as store credit at any time. Consignors have 12 Months to pick up money owed to them.

12.   Terms and conditions are subject to change without notice.